The Fit process explained:

On arrival at the fit studio you will be asked to complete a rider questionnaire which will assist our fitter in understanding your riding history, goals and any injuries you might have or are recovering from. After you have changed into your cycling kit, Gordon will assess your Posture, flexibility, core strength and body alignment. A detailed assessment is essential for us to understand your unique bio-dynamics and to custom the bike fit to suit you. As a trained Clinical Sports Therapist Gordon is able to correct man postural dysfunctions including leg length discrepancies (LLD) caused by soft tissue dysfunction. Any adjustments will start with your cycling shoes. We will check for wear marks and using Ergon cleat adjustment tools will adjust you cycling cleats in the correct position for your foot mechanics. You will then take your riding position on your bike. The bike will be fixed to a trainer on a rotating platform. 3D markers are placed on specific points on your body and you will ride through several load cycles. This is the essence of the bike fit and is the most time consuming. Adjustments to the bike are made as required and re recorded until the desired position is achieved.

We treat ever rider as unique and take a holistic approach to the bike fit. Any tight joints and muscles are treated with joint mobilization and active muscle manipulation techniques to ensure that any temporary injuries or issues are taken into account during the bike fit.

Gordon will then complete a report detailing the final rider position as well as the bike geometry. The report will include a fully digitized geometry report of your bike - created via the ZIN tool. The report will beemailed to you within 24 hrs.

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