Sarah Baker

Age Group Triathlete

" Thank you for the bike fit last month. I wanted to give you a brief update. I have already noticed a big difference. My back pain is gone, no more knee niggles, especially after long rides and I can push more power through. Last week I improved on my PB by 4 minutes in a 50km time trial! Thank you and see you again in the winter.."

Colin Fergusson

Triathlete & orthopeadic surgeon - retired

" I am an amateur cyclist and triathlete and a retired orthopaedic surgeon and am embarking on a 70.3 Ironman in 6 months. I was advised to get my bike fitted before I started properly racking-up more miles in training.   I somehow thought that had been done when I bought the bike and was somewhat apprehensive when I arrived at Gordon's very smart studio. However Gordon was the consummate professional, completely focussing on me and my aspirations, very carefully assessing my posture and flexibility and other factors, before getting close to the bike.   The Retul bike fit is time consuming , very accurate and great fun, allowing subtle adjustments to the bike set-up to be fed back straightaway, you can see the effect of a small seat height raise on the rest of the body positions, for example.The bike position felt amazing when he was finished. Finally  he captured all the new position data, so we know exactly what the best fit is, for future reference. I was sent away with a lot of useful training advice as well.   I found Gordon's approach very thorough, very well informed and completely focussed on my needs, altogether an excellent experience in his state of the art studio."

Derek Scott

Warrant Officer, Royal Navy

"Thank you so much for the Reports, and thank you for delivering such a professional and interesting Bike Fit; it really was fascinating.I could feel how different the set-up was when I sat on my winter bike for my Turbo session today; so my next mission is to set up this bike in the same way (or at least close) as the Focus.  Providing my Tri aspirations are fulfilled, I’ll be seeing you again in the future.  In the mean time, I’ll be recommending you to my cycling buddies"

Megan Hunt

Elite Triathlete

"My bike fit with Gordon was a great experience. I learned a great deal and appreciated his input on my running and swimming during the session. I can now maintain the aero postion on the bike with no pain after the ride. I also received a treatment on a hamstring injury which has been bothering me for some time.  Would highly recommend Gordon"

Nicholas Tacey

Royal Navy

"Hello there, I just thought I'd give you a quick update. I've done around 100 miles since my fit on Wednesday, one trip being a stint of 70 miles. There was an instant improvement to my rides. I felt comfier on the bike and the discomfort I felt on the outside of my right knee was if anything just a dull feeling at the 65 mile mark. Thank you again for your services"

Alan Golding

The Transcontinental Race: London to Istanbul competitor

"I contacted Gordon after I had committed to enter this year’s Transcontinental Race. I have changed my riding position several times after I started to develop knee pain and nothing I did solved the problem. I am riding in excess of 200 miles a week to prepare so I decided to have a professional bike fit. I was not disappointed. The fit started with a physical assessment and Gordon pointed out some areas of weakness which I can work on before the race. The fit was extremely comprehensive and he made adjustments to my cleats, saddle and handlebars. My riding feels stronger and more efficient I no longer have any knee pain. I would highly recommend Gordon to anyone looking to have a bike fit as well as a cycling fit assessment"

Claire Holmes

Ultra Distance Triathlete

"I had my first bike fit with Gordon in 2012. His knowledge of cycling and bike fitting is second to none. He helped me get into a better and more efficient aero position, which was my goal and his guidance on stretching and flexibility has helped to cut down on my injuries. I see him once a year for a bike fit check-up; it’s a must to keep me competitive"

Barry Shea

John O'Groats to Lands End 2013

Blog entry at: John O'Groats to Lands End 2013

Malcolm Reynolds

Sportive Rider

"I have been recovering from a prolapsed disc and have been trying to get back into cycling but have been struggling with lower back pain after 20 minutes on the bike. I decided to have a professional bike fit as a last resort and my only regret is that I did not have the bike fit sooner. I am now more comfortable on the bike and have completed my first sportive, thanks Gordon"

Matt Hastings

John O Groats to Lands End Cycle Ride

"I just wanted to say thanks for the bike fit and training advice. Paul and I have finished the ride on Sunday. We completed the ride in 11 days in the end. My knees still feel great"